What are we doing here?

I just love making movies.  I love to entertain an audience.  ~ Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise loves to entertain us, and we at Buttered Popcorn love to be entertained!

Once upon a time (last week), I took a look at the decades-long catalog of Tom Cruise movies, and realized – if you watched one Tom Cruise movie per week, it would take over nine months to watch them all.  A friend dared me to do just that, and I decided to do it!  Sort of!

Buttered Popcorn loves to savor Tom Cruise.  We love to watch the same Tom Cruise movie 142 times in a row, and devour every image, every line, every single sound of the film, and cry over every perfect little piece.  We know ourselves, and we will not stick to one movie a week, so we won’t even lie like that.  But we will be reviewing every single Tom Cruise movie we can find!  And after we cover every Tom Cruise movie, we might even review someone else’s film.  Maybe.  (Seriously, at the rate he’s going, by the time we finish reviewing everything up to the time of writing, he’ll have about 20 more movies for us to chew on, so… we won’t hold our breath.)

Join us for some fun movie talk, pictures, and whatever else we can throw up here as we celebrate the work of an icon!  Pop that popcorn, melt that butter, and let’s have some fun!

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