Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Character Interview: Nick Morton

Welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday!! This is a brand new feature we’re bringing to Buttered Popcorn, and we’re SO excited to share it with you!

Of course, we all know the truth: every day is Tom Cruise Day! But we’ve chosen Tuesday as a special day where each week, we will post a little feature: trivia, pictures, or mini character studies, all honoring Tom or one of his characters.

This week, in celebration of the digital release of The Mummy, we’ve decided to feature Tom Cruise’s character from the movie, Nick Morton. We’ve invited Nick to our virtual studio to answer a few questions for us. How does that sound, Nick?

Great! Let’s get started! First, here’s a bit of basic information about Nick:

Full Name: Sgt. Nick Morton
Age: About 40-ish
Occupation: U.S. Army: Long Range Reconnaissance Expert
Hobbies: liberating precious antiquities
Friends: Vail, Jenny
Enemies: Princess Ahmanet and her zombie army, mad scientists, evil crows, gravity

Ready for our questions now, Nick?

Great! Read on to find out more about our intrepid soldier!

If you’d like detailed information about him, click below for info:

What motivates you the most?:

Nice! Who is your favorite person?:
. . . Nick Morton, of course. What kind of…

Any advice for fledgling adventurers?:
Hmm. Yes, if someone calls something a “barrier chain”, don’t break it.

Sound advice! What would you most like people to know about you?:
It was WAY MORE than fifteen seconds!

Ha, okay we’ll put it on your tombstone.

Last question! What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
What the… I have NO idea. But I know that demon crows can move pretty damn fast, does that count?

Er… sure!

Thanks for joining us, Nick! We appreciate your time, and hope to hear from you very soon!

~ ~ ~

XD Hope you had fun! Join us again next week for another Tom Cruise Tuesday!

Here’s another picture of our featured character:

~ ~ ~

Like to see more about Nick, and what on earth he’s talking about? Check out our full review of “The Mummy”!

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