Unboxing: The Mummy – Amazon BluRay

Welcome to another Tom Cruise Tuesday!  “The Mummy” came out a week ago today, and (of course) we had our copy the same day!  We’ve decided to celebrate Tom today by taking a look at the Amazon BluRay.  We have reason to believe that this is the same as the Target copy.  There is also a Best Buy exclusive that includes a graphic novel!  We hope to buy this before the end of the month and share details of that one as well.

For now, if you haven’t purchased the movie yet, you can do so here:

Now let’s take a look!!

Slip cover: front

Here’s what the front cover looks like! It’s interesting to note that the designers decided to make changes to the cover design before the movie’s digital release. The original cover was supposed to match the early billboards for the movie:

Original cover art

It looks like they changed the art to give Sofia Boutella a more prominent role on the cover. We understand the desire to do so, since she’s the title character, but we loved the original cover as well!

Slip cover: back

Here’s a look at the back of the slip cover. We like it! There are images of most of the main characters, and we get some signature “Nick is confused” faces here. We will probably cut these out and use them for our own nefarious devices (aka, paste them into paper journals and write about his beautiful face). Here’s a look at each of the images closer up:

Nick and Jenny are having a hard time.
Nick and his “I don’t get it” face.
She will regain what was hers!
Henry looking very Doctorly and official.

Now here’s a look at the list of special features!

Special features!

Special features!!! According to the slip cover, there’s over an hour  of special features included.  We are planning on savoring the extra features, and going through them slowly.  So far, we have watched “Meet Ahmanet”, “Cruise in Action”, and “Becoming Jekyll and Hyde”.  Loads of lovely behind the scenes moments, people gushing about Tom, Tom gushing about people, people gushing about Russell Crowe, Russell (strangely bald-headed) gushing about Tom and other people – it’s a fun time, and you get to see how they made certain magical moments happen.  We hope to do a separate post where we discuss our humble true and correct opinions on all the special features in detail.

In the meantime, here’s further images of the package!

Front box cover
Back of box cover
Comes with a little flyer about the classic movies!
The DVD! Very dark and mysterious!
The BluRay! Very traditionally BluRay!

We like the way the DVD looks! The BluRay looks traditional, like every other BluRay. We can’t really “deduct” any points for this, since we’ve noticed that all the Universal BluRays seem to come like this. Besides, the real eye candy is what’s INSIDE the disk, not the disk itself.

Hope you have enjoyed our first unboxing!

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    1. Great!! Hope you will enjoy all the special features this weekend! 🙂 Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment as well! 😀

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