Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Kind words about Tom: Will Smith

Welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday! It’s that special time of the week where we spend a few minutes celebrating Tom!

Today we would like to highlight another celebrity who has plenty of kind words to say about Tom – Will Smith! A fellow actor who, like Tom, has played in many varieties of films, from comedy, to drama, to science fiction and thrillers, Will Smith has been good friends with Tom for many years. He has defended Tom against negative press received because of his religious beliefs, and never been afraid to tell others about what a great guy Tom is.

Read on for our kindly quote of the week!

Here’s a nice one about Tom’s kind spirit:


Tom is one of the greatest spirits that I’ve ever met: someone that is committed to making the world BETTER.

Nice! And so true! We love this quote from Will Smith, and we’re glad that Tom has such a dedicated friend.

Thanks for joining us, and we’ll see you next week!

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