Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Newsworthy: Tom’s full recovery!

Welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday! It’s our favorite day of the week, the day we set aside to celebrate Tom!

We’ve got a great reason to celebrate Tom today, and it looks like Tom has a great reason to celebrate, too! As most of his fans know (as well as anybody who follows celebrity news), Tom recently injured himself while working on Mission: Impossible 6.

Many people speculated that Tom had undershot the mark and broke his ankle trying to land on top of the building he was jumping toward. Of course, we at Buttered Popcorn never doubted for an instant that Tom meant to land at the side of the building and scramble up. This is Mission: Impossible, after all! And you can bet if Ethan is jumping from one building to another, he’s trying to get away from something, or catch something, and it’s not about to be an easy task!

Naturally, soon after we made our opinions known on social media, Chris McQuarrie confirmed in his interview with Empire magazine, what we already knew: Tom was meant to hit the side of the building. Honestly, it you look at the difference, there’s no other conclusion to draw!

Tom breathes through it. Such a trooper! ((Picture by ABC News))

If Tom meant to land on top of the building, that means he was about three or four feet off target. Think about it. This is a man whose stunt team has carried him through scaling the tallest building in the world, and literally hanging off the side of a plane while it took off!

Tom Cruise conquers the A-400 ((Picture by E! online))

The amount of care and precision that Tom and his stunt crew needed to pull this off was incredible. They had to sweep the runway multiple times to catch pebbles less than the size of a small marble. If someone hadn’t been watching for birds, and Tom had been hit, he would have been killed. How would it be possible for a team this professional, and a man as careful as Tom, to miss a landing by four full feet??

This is a man whose stunt team has carried him through scaling the tallest building in the world, and literally hanging off the side of a plane while it took off!

That’s right, it wouldn’t! Tom was meant to hit the side, and on one of the takes, he hit the side at the wrong angle (an accident where he was off by an inch or two, or his body was positioned the wrong way, yes, but not as ridiculous as assuming he could be off by four full feet). If it was possible for him to be off by that much, he would have been killed when he tried to hang off the A-400 and this would be a moot point. (And we would be eternally devastated.)

Anyway, media speculated that the release date of Mission-6 would have to be pushed back for months, but the clever M:I team, headed by “McQ”, rearranged things so that movie production continued while Tom recovered. That’s why they pay them the big bucks, y’all!

We were a bit concerned when Tom went back to work in October, and seemed to have a setback in his recovery. Speculation flourished again that production would be delayed, and we were worried about Tom pushing himself too hard. And we learned that Tom did have to stop filming again to take more time to recover! Again, it was speculated that the release date would have to be pushed back.

Tasking a break after jumping back in the saddle!

But great news!! According to multiple sources, Tom is back at it again, this time sprinting across London rooftops, and jumping out of windows! And he’s looking pretty darned happy about it, too.

Wheeeeeeeee!! ((image from Daily Mail))

And even more great news, so far there is no change to the release date. We will get to see Ethan and his team spring into action again this July! We don’t know about you, but the ladies at Buttered Popcorn can’t wait! Here are a couple more pictures of Tom risking life and looking happy about it.

Plans going into motion… ((image from Daily Mail))
Looking thrilled to be jumping out of windows! ((image from Daily Mail))

Thanks for joining us, and congratulations to you, Tom Cruise!! We’re so happy to see you back in top form, and back on the roof running around doing what you do. :D! We’ll see you again next week!

One thought on “Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Newsworthy: Tom’s full recovery!”

  1. I’m glad Tommy is okay after recovering from his broken ankle which scared the shit out out of us. I have nothing but respect for him every time he risks his life to do a dangerous stunt so he could entertain us fans. Tom even looks fit and athletic at 55 and I hope he continues to keep up the great work.

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