Tom Cruise Tuesday – Picture Post!

Hi all! Welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday! We’re very excited here at Buttered Popcorn. Why? Tom Cruise Day is coming up!! This coming Saturday (October 6th) has been named Tom Cruise Day in Japan, as a celebration of the fact that Tom Cruise had visited Japan more than any other country. We’re not sure if they still hold that record, but we’re grateful that they named a day after our favorite guy all the same!

We’re not sure how we will be celebrating Tom Cruise Day yet, but for today, we’re feeling very “Oblivion-y”. Here’s a few pictures from that haunting and beautiful movie! Enjoy!


We love a man who likes to read!
Our favorite NY fan…
This scene shocks us every time. Poor Jack!!

This movie is truly amazing, and highly underrated in our opinion! There definitely should have been some awards for Tom pouring in from this one. But it’s okay, he’s in it for the beauty of film making, not little golden statues (THAT HE RICHLY DESERVES). Thank you for joining us, and we’ll see you again in just a few days for Tom Cruise Day!

2 thoughts on “Tom Cruise Tuesday – Picture Post!”

    1. Thanks so much! Absolutely, that movie is SO beautiful. We saw it multiple times in theaters, too, soooooo wonderful!

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