Tom Cruise Birthday Extravaganzaaaaa 2019 (part 1)

Hey guys! We hope your 2019 has been absolutely wonderful! We have had some challenges this year, and we haven’t been able to create content the way we planned in 2019. There still may be a few more months before we can bring you a new review, but we can’t WAIT to get back in the saddle!

In the meantime, we’re back to celebrate Tom’s birthday! Once again, we held our annual picture party tradition – with 57 pictures of Tom, to celebrate each of his 57 years! The individual posts can be found over on our Twitter page. Feel free to follow us there for weekly pics, and updates about our site.

Without further ado, sit back and enjoy some lovely pics of our favorite guy on the planet! Happy Birthday, Tom!!

Here’s a beauty to start us off:

His smile is LIFE!!

He’s lovely in every single way!
We love the expression on his face here! Very mischievous!
Looking a little confused on set!
Every time we see this pic, we think about Neil Diamond singing “Forever in Bluejeans”. And we’re NOT complaining! ;p
Wonder what he’s thinking here… Possibly, “I’m the sexiest man alive, and that’s a deep responsibility”?
Non sequitur? We don’t think so. Roy ALWAYS belongs!
Do you even understand how adorable this person is? We’re not sure you do…
This is one of our favorite images of Tom ever! SOOOOO happy, and that makes us happy, too!

We hope you have enjoyed the first ten pics of our Tom Cruise Birthday Extravaganzaaaaa! We will be back with another birthday post soon!

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