Tom Cruise Birthday Extravaganzaaaaa 2020: Part 5

Hey all! Here’s another selection of pictures featuring the most amazing fella on the planet! Hope he’s having a fantastic birthday celebration right now. We are certainly enjoying ourselves.

We’re here with a set that’s all about the legal profession. Well… not ALL. But we’ve got a senator and a lawyer, and maybe an actor, here to share their gorgeous faces with us!

Without further ado, let’s get started with our next set!

Just… speechless!

This is serious!
Seriously SEXY, that is!
Remember that lawyer we mentioned?
Ok let’s bring out the smile!
Told you there would be actors…
Look at those smiling faces!
Mitch is getting sworn in… with terrible knowledge!
Another man with terrible knowledge eating away at him!

Hope you enjoyed those! Who can resist the sight of Tom Cruise in a suit, after all? You’ve now had 50 pictures to feast your eyes on! Only eight more to go!

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