Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Picspam: Tom and his fans

Today is a very special Tom Cruise Tuesday! It just so happens that Friday was October 6th, and October 6th was declared Tom Cruise Day in Japan! We’re celebrating today! Partly because it’s Tom Cruise Tuesday, and partly because we forgot that Wikipedia has the date wrong! XD

Yes, that’s right! Tom has his own national holiday in Japan, and has had one for eleven years now. Tom was awarded this high honor because he had visited Japan more than any other Western actor, and for his love and respect for the country. According to’s article on the subject, his Last Samurai grossed $117 million more in Japan than it did in the United States.

Japan loves Tom! (Because they have good taste, people!) And Tom loves Japan right back. In fact, Tom loves all his fans! He loves them enough to spend hours signing autographs and taking pictures at red carpet events. So, in honor of Tom Cruise Day, we’re going to highlight Tom’s love for his fan base with a little picspam of Tom spending time with his fans! We’re not jealous. Seriously. Not jealous at all.

Here’s one of our favorites to start us off!

I feel you, little man. I feel your enthusiasm, and I’m NOT JEALOUS AT ALL.

Read on for more pictures of some very lucky people!

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The Real Reason Critics Love “American Made”

So! Wanna hear our theory on why American Made is killing it in theaters, while all the critics are acting like Tom hasn’t made a good movie in years?

Of course you do.


Wait for it…

Waaaaaaaait for it…

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Tom Cruise Tuesday: First Impressions – American Made

Happy Tom Cruise Tuesday!!!

Today, we’re going to show some love for Tom Cruise by discussing our first impressions of Tom’s latest release: American Made!

This won’t be an “official” review, we will be doing a full review after we have watched the film a few more times. But we want to share our initial thoughts with you.

Needless to say – we loved it! Audiences in most of the world have been raving about the movie for weeks, and we FINALLY got a chance to see it! OBVIOUSLY, we agree, the movie is amazing! It made us laugh, cry, and think deep thoughts, which is pretty fantastic. We can’t say much more without spoilers, so read on for more of our first impressions!

***Spoilers beyond this point!***

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Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Trivia Time: American Made

Happy Tom Cruise Tuesday!!!

This week, with just three days left before we in the USA can finally enjoy “American Made”, we thought we’d present a little trivia from the movie. There have been several interviews and articles floating around in the wake of the movie’s UK release, and we’d like to share a few choice tidbits from from all the info we’ve been obsessively devouring looking over in the last few weeks.

Dig in to some fun facts below!

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Non-Sequitur: Happy Hobbit Day!!!

Hi guys! It’s time for a new feature at Buttered Popcorn! We’re calling it the Non-Sequitur of the Unspecified Timeframe! As the title suggests, we have no idea how often we will do these, and they’re completely unrelated to Tom Cruise! (Well… maybe not completely unrelated.  Stay tuned, and maybe we’ll see about that!)

Today is September 22nd! Why is that a big deal? Because it’s the combined birthday of two of Michelle’s favorite literary (and film) characters – Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins!!! 😀 Happy Birthday, fellas! Today is also celebrated among J.R.R. Tolkien fans as “Hobbit Day”, where fans try to do something hobbit-ish in honor of these two wonderful characters.

So come along with us while we pay tribute to two of the final Ring Bearers – Bilbo and Frodo – and of course, other hobbits, too! Since this is a movie blog, we will share our opinions on a few movie adaptations that feature our favorite residents of Bag End, Hobbiton. Since Michelle is the resident Tolkien nerd of our duo, she will guide us along on our little journey.

If you haven’t watched any of the many film adaptations of Tolkien’s most popular books, you can get them at the below links. (This will also serve as a list of the movies we will potentially be spoiling under the “read more”!)

The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and Return of the King animated movies
The Hobbit Motion Picture Trilogy and Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy

And, of course, we’re kinda spoiling the books too, so check them out!
The Hobbit (by itself)
The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

*** Spoilers beyond this point!! ***

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Unboxing: The Mummy – Amazon BluRay

Welcome to another Tom Cruise Tuesday!  “The Mummy” came out a week ago today, and (of course) we had our copy the same day!  We’ve decided to celebrate Tom today by taking a look at the Amazon BluRay.  We have reason to believe that this is the same as the Target copy.  There is also a Best Buy exclusive that includes a graphic novel!  We hope to buy this before the end of the month and share details of that one as well.

For now, if you haven’t purchased the movie yet, you can do so here:

Now let’s take a look!!

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Buttered Popcorn Movie-Time Sweepstakes! – CLOSED!

Welcome to Buttered Popcorn’s very first giveaway!!  We are so excited to be able to share something nice with our readers and fellow Tom Cruise fans.  By popular demand, we will give away ONE of two great prizes!

Stuff you could win:

A BluRay or DVD copy of The Mummy


A $25.00 AMC Theaters gift card (Pssst!  Use it to go see “American Made”!)

The winner will get to choose which one they want once the contest is complete!

The contest will run from September 12, 2017 at 8:00AM through September 26th at 8:00PM (Pacific Standard Time).

The winner will be announced as soon as possible after the contest closes. Click below for all the deets!

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Tom Cruise Tuesday! – PicSpam: The Mummy!

Welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: PICTURE time!! Tom Cruise’s foray into the Dark Universe was released on BluRay and DVD today! In honor of this momentous occasion, this week’s Tom Cruise Tuesday will spread some love for this brave, beautiful film with an EPIC picpspam!

Come along with us and join in our appreciation of a movie that honored an old tradition, and turned traditional roles on their heads, all while making us laugh, cry, and put our brains to work on some interesting concepts! For (most of) our full thoughts on the movie, check out our review.

Haven’t seen this movie yet? Fix that STAT! Click the image below for info:

Now, let’s get to the pics!! We capped these ourselves, and we’re excited to share!  Feel free to use these images, but please let people know where you found them, and please save to your own server.

These pics will include scenes from the whole movie, so SPOILERS AHEAD!

Here’s a pretty one to start us off:

We can look at this face all day long.

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Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Creator’s Corner: InfiniteRider Origins

Welcome to another Tom Cruise Tuesday!

This week, we present another “Creator’s Corner”! Step inside the minds of your hosts, and find out a little more about what Tom Cruise means to us!

This week’s “Creator’s Corner” features Michelle (infiniterider)! Who is Michelle, you ask? Here’s a little bit of basic info about the usually!talkative half of Buttered Popcorn!

Full Name: Michelle Perry (aka infiniterider, aka Michie)
Age: As old as her tongue, and a little older than her teeth
Role at Buttered Popcorn: Tom Cruise review planning/writing, Non-sequitur review planning/writing, Featurette planning/writing, Social media management, Advertising research/management
Hobbies: reading, writing, calligraph-ing, hiding from cats

Read on as Michelle answers the probing questions that will show how her love of Tom Cruise became a borderline obsession! (Heh, did we say borderline?)

Like to see the movie where it all began? Click the image below for info:

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Tom Cruise almost always plays the hero in his films. Even when he’s an anti-hero, like in “Jack Reacher”, we’re still rooting for him to win. Buttered Popcorn can’t wait to dig into one of the rare films where Tom Cruise plays the unequivocal villain. Join us for a look into the wild ride that is Tom Cruise’s 2006 summer offering: Collateral.

Smartass Summary: The story of four people who should have stayed in bed.

Slightly less smartass summary: A nihilist and a moralist walk into a bar…

Ok ok, REAL summary: Man tries to live his life like a normal person, but fate, and a sociopath on a mission, have other plans.

Overall opinion:
Buttered Popcorn loves this movie! It’s a wild ride through a wild night, filled with tension, action, and (believe it or not) humorous moments. The movie starts out in a sneaky way, just a casual little ride through the Los Angeles cityscape.  But when the action hits, it hits with a crash! The suspense, the intensity, and the insights into the philosophy of the two main characters draw us in and keep us excited to see more.

If you haven’t seen the movie, check it out below! If you’re anything like Buttered Popcorn, you won’t regret it.

***Spoilers beyond this point!***

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