Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Picspam: Tom and his fans

Today is a very special Tom Cruise Tuesday! It just so happens that Friday was October 6th, and October 6th was declared Tom Cruise Day in Japan! We’re celebrating today! Partly because it’s Tom Cruise Tuesday, and partly because we forgot that Wikipedia has the date wrong! XD

Yes, that’s right! Tom has his own national holiday in Japan, and has had one for eleven years now. Tom was awarded this high honor because he had visited Japan more than any other Western actor, and for his love and respect for the country. According to’s article on the subject, his Last Samurai grossed $117 million more in Japan than it did in the United States.

Japan loves Tom! (Because they have good taste, people!) And Tom loves Japan right back. In fact, Tom loves all his fans! He loves them enough to spend hours signing autographs and taking pictures at red carpet events. So, in honor of Tom Cruise Day, we’re going to highlight Tom’s love for his fan base with a little picspam of Tom spending time with his fans! We’re not jealous. Seriously. Not jealous at all.

Here’s one of our favorites to start us off!

I feel you, little man. I feel your enthusiasm, and I’m NOT JEALOUS AT ALL.

Read on for more pictures of some very lucky people!

Pop that popcorn and read on!

Tom Cruise Tuesday! – PicSpam: The Mummy!

Welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: PICTURE time!! Tom Cruise’s foray into the Dark Universe was released on BluRay and DVD today! In honor of this momentous occasion, this week’s Tom Cruise Tuesday will spread some love for this brave, beautiful film with an EPIC picpspam!

Come along with us and join in our appreciation of a movie that honored an old tradition, and turned traditional roles on their heads, all while making us laugh, cry, and put our brains to work on some interesting concepts! For (most of) our full thoughts on the movie, check out our review.

Haven’t seen this movie yet? Fix that STAT! Click the image below for info:

Now, let’s get to the pics!! We capped these ourselves, and we’re excited to share!  Feel free to use these images, but please let people know where you found them, and please save to your own server.

These pics will include scenes from the whole movie, so SPOILERS AHEAD!

Here’s a pretty one to start us off:

We can look at this face all day long.

Melt that butter and read on!