Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Kind words about Tom

Welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday! Thanks for joining us on our favorite day of the week – the day we set aside to celebrate Tom Cruise!

Today, we will highlight another great quote in praise of our favorite guy. This one comes from another wonderful actor, Jeremy Renner! We love Jeremy Renner, both for his lead-role work, and of course, for the work he’s done with Tom. We featured him in one of our Fave Co-Stars posts, which can be found HERE. Take a look, and then come on back to check out some kind words about Tom!

He sleeps probably like two hours a day. He does so many things – SO many things. And he’s so giving and generous. I don’t know where he gets the time or the energy to do all he does in a day. It’s fascinating to me.

Isn’t that lovely? And we know it’s true, Tom spends lots of time working, helping others, and being an all-around great (and energetic) guy! We can’t get enough of it when people appreciate how great Tom Cruise is! We love these two together, and (sorry-not-sorry) we’re a just a bit upset that Renner wasn’t able to join the Mission: Impossible team this time around. We hope that he will be able to work with Tom in the future.

Thanks again for joining us, and hope to see you next week! Here’s a great pic of our boys having a fun time at a premiere for Misison.

Fun times!!

Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Picture Day

Hey guys! Welcome to another Tom Cruise Tuesday! It’s the time we set aside to celebrate our favorite guy – Tom Cruise!

We’d like to present a special picture day today. If you’re a Tom Cruise fan, then you’ve definitely heard the tired old complaint that Tom “always plays the same character” in his movies. It doesn’t matter how different his characters are, you can’t escape hearing that from at least one person in your life.

Well! We’ve put together a little collection of pictures that you can refer to when people hit you with that nonsense criticism. Our little collection has the added benefit of being full of his handsome face! XD

Let’s start with this lovely number:

To be fair, Tom has played this character six times. But since he’s… the SAME PERSON, we don’t think this counts against him.

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Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Kind words about Tom: Will Smith

Welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday! It’s that special time of the week where we spend a few minutes celebrating Tom!

Today we would like to highlight another celebrity who has plenty of kind words to say about Tom – Will Smith! A fellow actor who, like Tom, has played in many varieties of films, from comedy, to drama, to science fiction and thrillers, Will Smith has been good friends with Tom for many years. He has defended Tom against negative press received because of his religious beliefs, and never been afraid to tell others about what a great guy Tom is.

Read on for our kindly quote of the week!

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Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Kind words about Tom: In Defense of Tom

Welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday!

It’s that special day where we take a moment to celebrate Tom Cruise!

We recently found a great article called “In Defense of Tom Cruise”. We loved it so much that we contacted the author (Tom Eames, formerly at, and asked if he would mind us featuring it on Tom Cruise Tuesday. He kindly agreed!

What better place to talk about it than our “Kind Words about Tom” feature? First off, please feel free to click here to read the article. It’s got a point-by-point discussion of some of the biggest arguments people make for why they claim they don’t like Tom Cruise, and Eames argues them each down, point by point! It’s pretty awesome, and it’s gratifying to see that someone else has noticed the unfair way Tom is treated in everyday conversations, and in (most of) the press.

We’ve wanted to make a post about this kind of thing for a while, but words have failed us. Now, we’ve been inspired to go ahead and get it off our chest, partly because Mr. Eames has done most of it for us by defending Tom against these unfounded, but somehow ubiquitous negative opinions of Tom.

A beautiful scene from one of Tom’s best, and yet most underrated films

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Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Kind words about Tom

Welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday!

Here is a new little feature that we think will be a great addition to TCT! As we have said before, we love it when people have positive things to say about Tom. With “Kind Words about Tom”, we will feature quotes from those who have worked with him, or been positively affected by him.

Our first quote comes, quite fittingly, from Christopher McQuarrie. Chris has worked with Tom on several films, and has now become the first director ever to direct two “Mission Impossible” films! Tom and Chris have a great working relationship, and they have great things to say about each other!

Read on for our kindly quote of the week!

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