Mission: Impossible – Fallout

It’s time to take a look at the latest addition to one of Tom’s most well-known and well-loved franchises, Mission: Impossible!   We’re huge fans of the Mission series, and Fallout has the honor of being our first ever review of a Mission movie!

Smartass Summary: Tom Cruise jumps out of a spaceship.

Slightly less smartass summary: Ethan Hunt has absolutely NO.  DAMN. CHILL.

Ok ok, REAL summary:  The IMF saves the day, despite the CIA, the Bad Guys, and the forces of gravity!!

Overall opinion: Buttered Popcorn is of two minds about this movie!  On the one hand, we enjoyed the intense action sequences.  The stunts were heart-pounding, and (spoiler alert) the bad guy went down hard, as well he should have!  But on the other hand, we have a few issues with the plot, and a few more issues with some character motivations, that clouded our ability to fully enjoy this film.  That’s why our First Impressions post included the fact that we noticed some things that didn’t quite work, right at our first viewing. But first, we’ll talk about about the parts we liked best about the film!

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Now let’s get started!

***Spoilers beyond this point!***

Melt that butter and read on!