Tom Cruise Day 2018!

Hey all! Happy Tom Cruise Day!! What have you guys done to celebrate Tom Cruise today? We have been thinking a lot about one of our favorite characters from one of our favorite movies! Who could it be, you ask? Well, there MIGHT be a little bit of a clue in the header pic from this post…

It’s time for some images of that glorious paragon of Rock Star-ness, Staceeeeeeeee!!!

It’s been over four years since the release of Rock of Ages, but it’s just as beautiful as ever! Haven’t seen this great flick? Fix that, STAT! You can get it below, either at Amazon:

Here’s a lovely pic to start:

You can’t trap a fire phoenix! God, DUH!

Melt that butter and read on!

Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Picture Day

Hey guys! Welcome to another Tom Cruise Tuesday! It’s the time we set aside to celebrate our favorite guy – Tom Cruise!

We’d like to present a special picture day today. If you’re a Tom Cruise fan, then you’ve definitely heard the tired old complaint that Tom “always plays the same character” in his movies. It doesn’t matter how different his characters are, you can’t escape hearing that from at least one person in your life.

Well! We’ve put together a little collection of pictures that you can refer to when people hit you with that nonsense criticism. Our little collection has the added benefit of being full of his handsome face! XD

Let’s start with this lovely number:

To be fair, Tom has played this character six times. But since he’s… the SAME PERSON, we don’t think this counts against him.

Melt that butter and read on!

Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Picture day!

Happy Tom Cruise Tuesday!! We love to celebrate Tom, and we’re happy you came to join us!

We thought we would do something a little different for picture day. We’re feeling nostalgic, and we want to go back in time to a summer, about six years ago, when Tom Cruise took on one of his most challenging, hilarious, poignant and telling roles he has ever played. That’s right, Stacee Jaxx, the biggest rock star of all time, played by the biggest movie star of all time!

Nobody knows what it’s like to be THE Stacee Jaxx, just like nobody knows what it’s like to be THE Tom Cruise! But we do know one thing – Tom ROCKED the role of Stacee (pun intended), and we can’t wait until we get to the joyful task of reviewing this awesome movie. For now, though, have a look and a listen at this DELICIOUS video:

Wow! You know? Just WOW! No other way to put it!

Thanks so much for joining us, and can’t wait to see you again next week!

Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Picture Day

Hello and welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday! Let’s celebrate Tom together!

First of all, here’s a lovely picture of Tom Cruise for you to feast your eyes on!

We don’t even know how to explain how much we love Stacee Jaxx, so we won’t even try!

Next – we want to hear from you! Tell us your favorite Tom Cruise character in the comments! Or if you have more than one, let us know all of them.