Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Fave Co-Stars: Jeremy Renner

It’s time for another Tom Cruise Tuesday!! It’s our favorite time of the week, time to celebrate our favorite star!

This week, we’d like to talk about another one of our favorite actors who has worked with Tom Cruise: Jeremy Renner! This talented fellow has joined Tom Cruise in our favorite Mission movie, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, and the amazing sequel, Rogue Nation! He has also acted in other awesome action movies like The Bourne Legacy and The Avengers. Of course, he has also played in some compelling dramas in a film career that has spanned over two decades (!!), including the award-winning Hurt Locker, and the eerie and disturbing Dahmer.

We love Jeremy Renner, and we hope that he can work with Tom again soon! Unfortunately, he couldn’t be part of Mission: Impossible 6, but we know that Agent Brandt is working his magic behind the scenes to keep our guys safe in the field!

Tom and Jeremy have a great chemistry on screen and off, and we love seeing them work together! Here are some pics of this fun-loving duo!

Brandt and Hunt on the hunt! (Ok, we made a pun, we must hide in shame now…)

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Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Picture Day

Happy Tom Cruise Tuesday! It’s time to celebrate Tom!

In a couple of hours, we will post our review of “American Made”! The movie is now available in digital form – you can purchase it on iTunes!

In honor of this momentous occasion, we would like to post another lovely picture of Tom. Well… of Barry Seal! Enjoy, and when you’ve had your fill, come on back in a couple of hours and check out our full review of “American Made”!

“I’m just the gringo who always delivers!”

Barry is the absolute best!!

Thanks for joining us!  Come back next week, where we will share more more lovely words and images of our favorite star. Don’t forget to check out our other American Made posts at Buttered Popcorn:

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We might like this movie a little bit. XD JOIN US – you can purchase this fantastic movie on iTunes here:

American Made

Ready for some high-flying action, with lots of fun, suspense and adventure? Of course you are! At long last, it’s time for our review of Tom Cruise’s latest film – American Made! (We might be a little jealous that most other countries got to see it before we did, but we forgive you, Universal! The movie was well worth the wait!)

Guess what else? Today is December 19th, and “American Made” is now available on iTunes!

Smartass Summary: The other other other one with the airplanes.

Slightly less smartass summary: If regular people acted like Tom Cruise characters.

Ok ok, REAL summary: Family man holds down three jobs to provide for his wife and kids.

Overall opinion:
Buttered Popcorn loves this movie! It’s funny, exciting and touching all at once. American Made is based on a true story, and includes lots of little tidbits of history that add both to our understanding of the plot, and to our enjoyment of the movie. But you don’t have to know a thing about politics, or the late ’70’s/early ’80’s to understand and enjoy the movie. Your friendly neighborhood drug smuggler will guide you through it all, and tell you everything you need to know.

Believe it or not, you can already pre-order this movie! And yes, we have already pre-ordered our copy! Click the image below to get yours:

Now let’s do this!

***Spoilers beyond this point!***

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Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Picture Day

Happy Tom Cruise Tuesday! It’s time to celebrate Tom!

Here’s another picture appreciation post. Feast your eyes on this handsome guy! And when you’re done, check out our search feature at the bottom of the post, and go check out his work! 😀

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful…

Lovely!  OMG and that bruised leather jacket is killing us almost as much as his beautiful face!

Thanks for joining us!  Come back next week, where we will share more more lovely words and images of our favorite star.

Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Fave Co-Stars: Paula Patton

It’s Tom Cruise Tuesday!! It’s time for our favorite day of the week – when we take some time to celebrate Tom Cruise.

Time for another look at one of our favorite co-stars. Today, we highlight Paula Patton!! This adorable and talented lady worked with Tom on Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, and she has played in many great movies, from comedies like Baggage Claim to award-winning dramas like Precious.

We hope that one day Paula and Tom can work together on more projects. They worked wonderfully together, and we LOVE the dynamic between Ethan and Jane. In fact, Jane Carter is our absolute favorite “Mission: Impossible” leading lady (naturally! Ghost Protocol is our favorite Mission film of all!), and we would LOVE to see Jane come back to the team in a future film.

Tom and Paula also seemed to have a great time together promoting the movie. Here are a few pics of this great duo!

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Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Kind words about Tom: Will Smith

Welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday! It’s that special time of the week where we spend a few minutes celebrating Tom!

Today we would like to highlight another celebrity who has plenty of kind words to say about Tom – Will Smith! A fellow actor who, like Tom, has played in many varieties of films, from comedy, to drama, to science fiction and thrillers, Will Smith has been good friends with Tom for many years. He has defended Tom against negative press received because of his religious beliefs, and never been afraid to tell others about what a great guy Tom is.

Read on for our kindly quote of the week!

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Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Picture Day

Happy Tom Cruise Tuesday!

It’s time to appreciate Tom Cruise! This week, we’re just doing a simple picture appreciation post. It’s not a picspam, it’s just one little picture of Tom. Feel free to look at it and admire how adorably wonderful he is! Sometimes that’s all you need to give you that good old “Tom is adorably wonderful” feeling. XD

If you love Tom Cruise, you’re doing it right!

Ahhhhhh, we feel refreshed! Don’t you? See you next week!

Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Kind words about Tom: In Defense of Tom

Welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday!

It’s that special day where we take a moment to celebrate Tom Cruise!

We recently found a great article called “In Defense of Tom Cruise”. We loved it so much that we contacted the author (Tom Eames, formerly at, and asked if he would mind us featuring it on Tom Cruise Tuesday. He kindly agreed!

What better place to talk about it than our “Kind Words about Tom” feature? First off, please feel free to click here to read the article. It’s got a point-by-point discussion of some of the biggest arguments people make for why they claim they don’t like Tom Cruise, and Eames argues them each down, point by point! It’s pretty awesome, and it’s gratifying to see that someone else has noticed the unfair way Tom is treated in everyday conversations, and in (most of) the press.

We’ve wanted to make a post about this kind of thing for a while, but words have failed us. Now, we’ve been inspired to go ahead and get it off our chest, partly because Mr. Eames has done most of it for us by defending Tom against these unfounded, but somehow ubiquitous negative opinions of Tom.

A beautiful scene from one of Tom’s best, and yet most underrated films

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Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Kind words about Tom

Welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday!

Here is a new little feature that we think will be a great addition to TCT! As we have said before, we love it when people have positive things to say about Tom. With “Kind Words about Tom”, we will feature quotes from those who have worked with him, or been positively affected by him.

Our first quote comes, quite fittingly, from Christopher McQuarrie. Chris has worked with Tom on several films, and has now become the first director ever to direct two “Mission Impossible” films! Tom and Chris have a great working relationship, and they have great things to say about each other!

Read on for our kindly quote of the week!

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Interview With the Vampire

It’s Halloween! And what better way to celebrate the day the ghosts and ghouls come out to play, than by watching our favorite creepy Tom Cruise movie, Interview With the Vampire? Join us for a look at another excellent movie adaptation of a popular book from the Tom Cruise collection!

Smartass Summary: Tom Cruise dresses like Louis XIV.

Slightly less smartass summary: The one about Stockholm Syndrome.

Ok ok, REAL summary: A guy loses his family, but then gets another, much weirder one, 50% of which he kinda hates. Or maybe kinda loves a lot, he’s not really sure…

Overall opinion:
Buttered Popcorn loves this movie! It’s thoughtful and frightening (though more on an intellectual level than a jump-scare or even a gory-scare level). And it’s a book adaptation that makes major changes, but still manages to keep the spirit (and many great details) of the book intact. Who doesn’t love something like that? Naturally, you don’t have to have read the book in order to enjoy the movie, but if you want loads more information on the three primary characters of the film, you’ll definitely want to read the first book, Interview With the Vampire. And if you want even more great info about Tom Cruise’s character, check out The Vampire Lestat as well.

Surely you’ve already got your copy of this great film! But if not, or if your friends don’t have a copy yet, the season of giving is coming up soon! Check the link below for more info:

Now, let’s get bloody!

***Spoilers beyond this point!***

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