Tom Cruise Tuesday! – PicSpam: The Mummy!

Welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: PICTURE time!! Tom Cruise’s foray into the Dark Universe was released on BluRay and DVD today! In honor of this momentous occasion, this week’s Tom Cruise Tuesday will spread some love for this brave, beautiful film with an EPIC picpspam!

Come along with us and join in our appreciation of a movie that honored an old tradition, and turned traditional roles on their heads, all while making us laugh, cry, and put our brains to work on some interesting concepts! For (most of) our full thoughts on the movie, check out our review.

Haven’t seen this movie yet? Fix that STAT! Click the image below for info:

Now, let’s get to the pics!! We capped these ourselves, and we’re excited to share!  Feel free to use these images, but please let people know where you found them, and please save to your own server.

These pics will include scenes from the whole movie, so SPOILERS AHEAD!

Here’s a pretty one to start us off:

We can look at this face all day long.

We weren’t even gonna include this, but we love this! Its the beginning of Ahmanet’s ritual, and repeats throughout the film. VERY cool!
Ahmanet was badass before she even went bad!
The moment everybody’s lives are irrevocably changed.
Summoning a powerful ally.
I like to call it protecting my assets…
Ahmanet begins to complete the bargain.
Vail! We’re gonna do the thing!
Nick, no!
Vail, yes!
You son of a bitch!!!
We’re alive and we don’t know why!!
I have NO IDEA who this is!
Oh. Ok, you wanna play? HE WAS A QUICK LAY, GUYS!!
Women are crazy! SIR!
This tomb is bananas. B-a-n-a-n-a-s!
The OTHER moment everybody’s lives are irrevocably changed.
You have set me free…
What the hell???
She has chosen a new prince.
Basically, Jenny makes this face (with reason) the whole time.
Remembering what it felt like to touch that… for MUCH longer than fifteen seconds!!!
Studying a treasure.
Jenny said “Ahmanet”, and Nick is sucked into the dream world again.
Or should we say “nightmare”?
Back off my BFF!!!
Nightmare. Definitely nightmare.
Going down.
Going up?
That famous pic.
Sacrifice is scary.
I don’t feel right…
What the FUCK?
You thought we wouldnt include this, but you were SO WRONG. Nekkid Tom Cruise FTW!
How… DID you get off that plane?
I’m alive and I don’t know why!
Pssst! We should talk about how you killed me for “haram”!
Ok, I have no idea what you’re on about, but my dead friend keeps looking at me so… brb ok?
NOT my idea of a good time!
With respect, I have NO CLUE what you are talking about and I DO NOT CARE! DID YOU SEE THAT MESS?  THERE WERE RATS ON MEEEEE!!!  
Seeing visions…
Come to me.
Oh shit!  It’s her!
Looking a gift horse in the mouth, eh?
I have chosen well.
Do not waaaaaant.
Ok, I can do this.
Get her, Nick! Kill her with that big piece of wood!
Okay. Maybe I can’t do this…
Oh hey, you guys gonna help?
You’re still not helping me.
That… I don’t like it.
Never trust somebody who looks over their glasses at you.
See? Nick knows.
Ahmanet has been taken again.
We do science. And fight evil. We’re good people!
Those were different times, bae. People killed babies to protect their thrones all the time back then!
Lemme show you how nice being a living god can be.
I need a drink!
So… you want to… WHAT?
I’m not interested in that AT ALL!!!
I know what I’m doing!!
I feel free!
Okay. Okay, maybe I didn’t know what I was doing.
Right. Ok definitely something going on here that I wasn’t aware of…
Meanwhile, back at the ranch…
Mind control is my favorite!
Don’t tell me “well done”, you kidnapping, inner-demon-hiding, trying-to-obliterate-me-against-my-will jerk!!
Jenny’s got bright ideas! This is our favorite scene with her – we love smarts!
She looks terrifying here.
She controls the sands! Glass is made of sand, y’all…
My chosen is still running around with that young bitch! We’ll see about that!
I sense that lady from the box.
I sense my fiancé…
Awwwwwwwww YEAH!
Time to get mine!
I’m scared…
So are we, Jenny. So are we.
She’s not looking too good, Nick.
If you have to beat him into submission, maybe he’s just not that into you.
Gonna get her with this piece of metal!
Motherfucker, did you just HIT me??? NEVERMIND I’ve been beating you senseless this whole time, did you HIT ME???
Oh, fuck. WAYMENT!
I’ll show you, disobedient future-husband-vessel!!
Just give in! We can make a great team, and you’ll like me once you’re half demon. Seriously!
Ahmanet, we’re just gonna say it. You’re really rapey…
Give it to me.
I’d actually rather die.
Mmmmmm, sleepy…
I feel ALIVE!
This is one of our favorite moments in the entire film. Something beautiful about this shot.
And for one moment, life was beautiful again for Princess Ahmanet. Aww, we can almost feel sorry for her crazy, baby-killing, world-domination-wanting, disrespecting-body-sovereignty, undead ass…
But then we remember, he never wanted this.  He was just trying to solve a problem for Jenny…
He’s all strong now, thanks to Ahmanet. Ohhh, the irony.
A sacrifice for the greater good. He doesn’t want to kill, but he has to.
Oh, shit.
Okay, that was the worst experience I’ve ever had.
I’m sorry! I don’t know what I’m doing.
Wake up, please!
This is kinda gross, but look! Actors! She had real water in her mouth, guys!
I’m alive and I don’t know why!
They’re coming for me.
You’re gonna do the thing again, aren’t you?
Vail, yes!!

Bonus pics!!  Here’s some pics that we firmly believe should have stayed in the movie!  Can’t wait to see all the extra features on the BluRay!

Now we know why Nick’s shirt is a little too big! He grabbed clothes from the dead people bin!
Did people actually die in these??
This should have made it in 1000000000%! We lost a chance to see Tom’s beautiful face again? Who’s idea was this?? *coff*ALEXKURTZMAN*coff*

~ ~ ~

We hope you have enjoyed this week’s Tom Cruise Tuesday!! We have enjoyed staring at pics of this lovely film! Please don’t forget to link back, and save to your own server if you decide to use these.

For a little bit of fun, check out our character interview featuring the intrepid Nick Morton!

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