Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Picspam: Tom and his fans

Today is a very special Tom Cruise Tuesday! It just so happens that Friday was October 6th, and October 6th was declared Tom Cruise Day in Japan! We’re celebrating today! Partly because it’s Tom Cruise Tuesday, and partly because we forgot that Wikipedia has the date wrong! XD

Yes, that’s right! Tom has his own national holiday in Japan, and has had one for eleven years now. Tom was awarded this high honor because he had visited Japan more than any other Western actor, and for his love and respect for the country. According to’s article on the subject, his Last Samurai grossed $117 million more in Japan than it did in the United States.

Japan loves Tom! (Because they have good taste, people!) And Tom loves Japan right back. In fact, Tom loves all his fans! He loves them enough to spend hours signing autographs and taking pictures at red carpet events. So, in honor of Tom Cruise Day, we’re going to highlight Tom’s love for his fan base with a little picspam of Tom spending time with his fans! We’re not jealous. Seriously. Not jealous at all.

Here’s one of our favorites to start us off!

I feel you, little man. I feel your enthusiasm, and I’m NOT JEALOUS AT ALL.

Read on for more pictures of some very lucky people!

Tom poses with a military man and his family.
We want to Mary-Sue ourselves into that lucky lady.
Tom loves kids! What an adorable shot!
Tom is not afraid of crowds, people.
We really want to know what was said here. Did somebody make a joke?
His eyes!!! We would be exactly the same way.
Sleek in black, with his adoring public!
These ladies are oddly calm. Maybe they don’t want him to run before they can get the cuffs on him?
What a fun event this looked like!
Don’t act like you wouldn’t be just like her. Naw, we know the truth.
This is one of our faves. Tom is being such a gentleman, but notice that he’s literally about to have his arm ripped off? Yeah. That would be me…
Excitement in Mumbai!
I feel like that lady on the left, like… COME HERE SO I CAN GET YOU.
Bunches of guy fans!
Another adorable child-fan. And I salute the person who let him stand on their head to see Tom.
If I was going to visit the Great Wall, this would have been the BEST DAY to do it!
Who is that girl and HOW did she get a kiss???
Tom looks cool and collected with the masses!
REALLY. REALLY want to know what was happening here. A LOT.

Hope you have enjoyed looking at Tom hanging out with lots of lucky people around the world! We have never met Tom, but we can dream! And maybe one day, we will be lucky enough to catch him and tell him personally how much we appreciate everything he does.

Now go out and enjoy the rest of Tom Cruise Tuesday! We’re not sure exactly how it’s celebrated in Japan, but we will be headed to theaters tonight to watch “American Made” yet again. Have fun! And tell us in the comments how you celebrated Tom Cruise Day!

6 thoughts on “Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Picspam: Tom and his fans”

  1. Tom is also an honorary citizen of South Korea. I don’t think there’s an actor who’s beloved worldwide and makes people go wild every time he visits their country to film or promote a new movie. Tom Cruise is the only movie star of our time and a real class act.

    1. Wow, that is SO COOL! I had no idea that he was an honorary citizen of South Korea. I agree, he is certainly welcomed with plenty of love and excitement wherever he goes! He absolutely deserves it, too, he cares so much about the fans, and spends a lot of time trying to be sure he can greet as many as possible.

      1. Tom along with Cristopher McQuarrie and Rosamund Pike were honored in Korea while they were promoting Jack Reacher in 2012. He also deserves to be knighted by the Queen because he visits the UK all the time. 🙂

        1. VERY cool! I fully agree, Tom is in love with London, and lots of his recent work has been filmed there – “The Mummy”, “MI-Rogue Nation”, MI6, “Edge of Tomorrow”. And that’s just super recent stuff!

  2. Tom is so amazing and I love how Japan appreciates him enough to give him his own day, which he surely deserves. ❤ I don’t now how im going to celebrate actually 😮 he’s the best actor of all time in my opinion.

    Thanks for showing us these lucky fans who got to meet Tom for TC Day! I wish I could get lucky enough to meet him someday, but the odds are against it of course lol XD

    1. I love that, too, isn’t that awesome?? I think he’s well worth it, and I wish there was more appreciation for him “at home” too. I agree, I think he’s the best actor there is, I love watching him perform. He does an AMAZING job!

      Ha, easiest thing to do is have a nice little TC marathon, but sometimes it can be hard to get the movies if you don’t already have a collection. Hmmmmmm…

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