Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Kind words about Tom

Welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday!

Here is a new little feature that we think will be a great addition to TCT! As we have said before, we love it when people have positive things to say about Tom. With “Kind Words about Tom”, we will feature quotes from those who have worked with him, or been positively affected by him.

Our first quote comes, quite fittingly, from Christopher McQuarrie. Chris has worked with Tom on several films, and has now become the first director ever to direct two “Mission Impossible” films! Tom and Chris have a great working relationship, and they have great things to say about each other!

Read on for our kindly quote of the week!

Here’s a nice one from Chris about Tom supporting his directors and taking risks:

dynamic duo!

Tom backs his director to the wall. It’s not something where he says, I’ll just have Brad Bird come in and do his thing and we’ll make the movie around him. He puts the director on this movie and gets behind him. He takes enormous risks and uses his own personal clout to promote and expand the careers of others. Look at everybody he’s worked with and what he’s done with directors and for original films at a time when originals don’t exist anymore. It’s extraordinary and something for which he gets no credit.

McQuarrie is absolutely right about Tom backing his directors, and supporting their careers. Everybody knows J.J. Abrams, right? One of the biggest directors out there now, working on Star Trek AND moving on to Star Wars.

Tom took a chance, and look where we are today.

We may tease him about his lens flare, but he’s hot stuff right now, and we might not have known about him if not for Tom Cruise. Abrams’ very first feature film (as a director) was Mission: Impossible III. Tom took a chance and supported a fledgling director, and look how far he’s come!

Join us again next week for our next Tom Cruise Tuesday!

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