Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Picture day!

Happy Tom Cruise Tuesday!! We love to celebrate Tom, and we’re happy you came to join us!

We thought we would do something a little different for picture day. We’re feeling nostalgic, and we want to go back in time to a summer, about six years ago, when Tom Cruise took on one of his most challenging, hilarious, poignant and telling roles he has ever played. That’s right, Stacee Jaxx, the biggest rock star of all time, played by the biggest movie star of all time!

Nobody knows what it’s like to be THE Stacee Jaxx, just like nobody knows what it’s like to be THE Tom Cruise! But we do know one thing – Tom ROCKED the role of Stacee (pun intended), and we can’t wait until we get to the joyful task of reviewing this awesome movie. For now, though, have a look and a listen at this DELICIOUS video:

Wow! You know? Just WOW! No other way to put it!

Thanks so much for joining us, and can’t wait to see you again next week!

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