Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Picture Day

Hey guys! Welcome to another Tom Cruise Tuesday! It’s the time we set aside to celebrate our favorite guy – Tom Cruise!

We’d like to present a special picture day today. If you’re a Tom Cruise fan, then you’ve definitely heard the tired old complaint that Tom “always plays the same character” in his movies. It doesn’t matter how different his characters are, you can’t escape hearing that from at least one person in your life.

Well! We’ve put together a little collection of pictures that you can refer to when people hit you with that nonsense criticism. Our little collection has the added benefit of being full of his handsome face! XD

Let’s start with this lovely number:

To be fair, Tom has played this character six times. But since he’s… the SAME PERSON, we don’t think this counts against him.

Senator Jasper Irving is a member of the government. Just like Ethan, right?? -_-
Stacee Jaxx just came from a board meeting where he destroyed an international terrorist. Oh wait.
Okay, fair is fair, Lestat DOES turn into a rock star eventually. But Tom isn’t playing him in that movie, so THERE!
Ok, granted, Frank TJ Mackey and Stacee Jaxx are both famous and have a bad attitude about to the women trying to expose them, but… this isn’t the guy people mean when they say Tom always plays the same character, and they know it!
Hmmm. A guy who’s trapped by other people’s perceptions of him, and who doesn’t find out who his true friends are until he’s literally maimed and disfigured. Seen that TONS of times!
Jeez, Tom! Stop always playing sociopathic hit men who will do anything to make sure they murder everybody on their list! Live a little!

We THINK we’ve proved our point, and we didn’t even include the German soldier or the stilted, straight-laced doctor. We don’t mind people who have a bit of a sense of humor about Tom, but anybody who is really being honest about his work will have to acknowledge that Tom has a huge breadth of work – both genres and characters. Feel free to link people to this post who need a gentle reminder of that fact!

Thanks for joining us, and we hope to see you again next week!

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