Tom Cruise Day 2019

Hello everyone! It’s Tom Cruise Day! How have you celebrated our favorite movie star of all time?

We ladies at Buttered Popcorn spent the day looking back on some of our absolute favorite Tom Cruise movies. If you know us, you already know that our favorite Tom Cruise movie ever is Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. You might also know that our most recent favorite is American Made. There is not much that could top the perfection of these two films. We could roll around in the for HOURS, people. Hours!

So, why not enjoy a few images of our favorite guy in our favorite movies??

Here’s a beauty to get us started:

This is gonna be good for us.

Ethan and Brandt are about to head into an intense meeting…
Meanwhile, Barry Seal is having a somewhat intense meeting of his own.
Successful day at the office.
A somewhat less successful day at the office.
Ethan’s having a REALLY shitty day.
Barry’s having a pretty shitty day too.
Little bit of kissy-time
A little bit MORE kissy-time
MOST adorable!

Thanks so much for joining us, and we hope that you have enjoyed our little celebration of Tom Cruise Day! If you haven’t done so already, why don’t you melt that butter, pop that popcorn and have yourself a little Tom Cruise marathon. Even a week-long one, because one day is not enough time to celebrate this amazing performer.

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