Tom Cruise Day 2020!

Happy Tom Cruise Tuesday! We’re extra excited about Tom Cruise Tuesday today! Why? Because it’s also TOM CRUISE DAY!! October 6th has been declared Tom Cruise Day in Japan – in celebration of the fact that, at the time, Tom had visited Japan more than any other country.

What can we say, they have the ABSOLUTE correct idea! Celebrating Tom Cruise is always a good idea. We hope that you will take a couple of hours out of your day to celebrate the awesomesauce that is Tom Cruise. Today, we have decided to celebrate the movie that was released the same year Tom Cruise Day was created: 2006! What movie came out in 2006? “Mission: Impossible III!”

Haven’t seen it recently? Want to?? (Why wouldn’t you?) Check out the link below for more info.

Without further ado, here’s some great pics from a great movie! Here’s a nice one to start us off:

Ethan has always been big on getting the bad guys – no matter what!

Something has gone wrong.
Definitely not what I signed up for.
Heist also not going according to plan.
Rescue in progress.
Having a very rough time…
Awwwwww crap!!
Only the best tech for our hero!
Together from the very beginning.
NOT gonna get us!

We hope you have enjoyed our little pic spam of “Mission: Impossible III!” Hope you will celebrate Tom with this great flick, or any of his other amazing works. Have an awesome Tom Cruise Day!

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