Tom Cruise Birthday Extravaganzaaaaa 2020: Part 6

Well, we made it! We are at the last 8 pics of our 58 picture birthday celebration extravaganza!! Hope all are loving it, and that you enjoy these last images of our favorite person! Don’t forget to check us out on our Twitter page for weekly pics and updates about new posts on Buttered Popcorn!

Ready to get started??

He can see what you did there…

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Tom Cruise Tuesday – Picture Post!

Hi all! Welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday! We’re very excited here at Buttered Popcorn. Why? Tom Cruise Day is coming up!! This coming Saturday (October 6th) has been named Tom Cruise Day in Japan, as a celebration of the fact that Tom Cruise had visited Japan more than any other country. We’re not sure if they still hold that record, but we’re grateful that they named a day after our favorite guy all the same!

We’re not sure how we will be celebrating Tom Cruise Day yet, but for today, we’re feeling very “Oblivion-y”. Here’s a few pictures from that haunting and beautiful movie! Enjoy!


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Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Picture Day

Hi there, and welcome to Tom Cruise Tuesday! It’s our favorite day of the week – time to celebrate Tom!

Here’s a little picture set from one of our favorite movies, Oblivion! This is one of Tom’s most underrated films, and more people need to watch it and appreciate it’s loveliness!

Jack is not playing with you!

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The Real Reason Critics Love “American Made”

So! Wanna hear our theory on why American Made is killing it in theaters, while all the critics are acting like Tom hasn’t made a good movie in years?

Of course you do.


Wait for it…

Waaaaaaaait for it…

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