Who is Buttered Popcorn?

Buttered Popcorn is a joint project brought to you by your lovely hosts, Michelle (infiniterider), and Rosalinda (nevadafighter).  Who are we?  We are writers, artists and movie lovers with a special place in our hearts for the work, the passion, and (let’s get real here) the beautiful face of Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise has dedicated his life (and often risked it!) for the privilege of entertaining audiences worldwide for over thirty years.  His positive attitude, enthusiasm and dedication have inspired his colleagues and fans alike.  He has endured more than a fair share of criticism, but Tom doesn’t mind the white noise, and neither do we.  We appreciate the lengths he will go to draw us in and make us forget the outside world for a few hours, and we’re excited to shout our (true and correct) opinions about Tom Cruise movies to the world at large.

Pop that popcorn, melt that butter, and let’s have some fun!