Character Study: Vincent & Roy – Two sides of the same coin

Time for something new at Buttered Popcorn! A magical thing occurred to us, while watching “Collateral” for the fourth time straight for our Collateral review. We were watching Vincent work, and thinking about the many other notably violent characters Tom has played, and how each of them differ from Vincent. Ethan Hunt fights and kills for his country.  Jack Reacher fights and kills for what’s right.  Lestat is… a whole different story. But then, we thought about Knight and Day, and it came to us! Vincent and Roy Miller are very similar! In fact, we maintain that either of them could have turned out like the other, if a very few circumstances in their lives had been different.

Join us for our humble true and correct opinions on the similarities (and major differences) between these two powerful characters!

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Intense and gripping, Collateral!

Intense and hilarious, Knight and Day!

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Tom Cruise almost always plays the hero in his films. Even when he’s an anti-hero, like in “Jack Reacher”, we’re still rooting for him to win. Buttered Popcorn can’t wait to dig into one of the rare films where Tom Cruise plays the unequivocal villain. Join us for a look into the wild ride that is Tom Cruise’s 2006 summer offering: Collateral.

Smartass Summary: The story of four people who should have stayed in bed.

Slightly less smartass summary: A nihilist and a moralist walk into a bar…

Ok ok, REAL summary: Man tries to live his life like a normal person, but fate, and a sociopath on a mission, have other plans.

Overall opinion:
Buttered Popcorn loves this movie! It’s a wild ride through a wild night, filled with tension, action, and (believe it or not) humorous moments. The movie starts out in a sneaky way, just a casual little ride through the Los Angeles cityscape.  But when the action hits, it hits with a crash! The suspense, the intensity, and the insights into the philosophy of the two main characters draw us in and keep us excited to see more.

Haven’t seen this movie recently? Fix that, STAT! Click the image below for more information.

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