Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Creator’s Corner: NevadaFighter Origins

Hi there, and welcome to another Tom Cruise Tuesday!

Of course, we all know the truth: every day is Tom Cruise Day! But Tuesday is our special day to post a little something in honor of our favorite actor. This week, we’ve decided to reveal a little more about ourselves. Step inside the minds of your hosts, and find out a little more about what Tom Cruise means to us!

Our first “Creator’s Corner” features Rosalinda (nevadafighter)! Who is Rosalinda, you ask? Here’s a little bit of basic info about the usually!silent half of Buttered Popcorn!

Full Name: Rosalinda StMatthew (aka nevadafighter, aka Rosie)
Age: As old as her tongue, and a little older than her teeth
Role at Buttered Popcorn: Technical advisor/Technical suppor, Graphic designer, Tom Cruise review planning/editing, Non-Sequitur review planning/editing, Featurette planning/editing, Time management advisor
Hobbies: reading, writing, painting, drawing, hiding from cats

Read on as I (Michelle) ask the probing questions that will show how Rosie’s love of Tom Cruise began, and how it grew to epic proportions!

What was your earliest “Tom Cruise” memory?​
My earliest memory of Tom Cruise related things was, there was some fool chasing behind his daddy’s car, and for some reason that was hilarious to everyone. Also, something about dancing in his underwear??? That Bob Seger song is cool though, so sure.

My earliest memory that actual involved me recognizing Tom Cruise was from the movie “Rainman” – I still cry with laughter over “Did you fucking fart?!?”

You mentioned your first solo attendance at a Rated R movie. What movie was that, and how old were you?
It was “The Firm”. I was 16 years old, and nobody batted an eye when I walked in the theater by myself. I love that movie as much for the memory of “happy adulting” as much as for the movie itself.

::SCREAMING:: We had the same first Rated R movie!?!??
Lol, you’re weird.

So! At what point did you know you it was over – Tom Cruise was no longer a “famous actor”, and had become closer to an obsession? Did you have a defining moment, or was it a gradual thing?
It was late, very late, but distinctive – very distinctive. I’d always liked Tom Cruise whenever I saw him, but that’s because he’s reliable, and I’m no fool. But I was full of other obsessions for years, and then he had his hiccup with Brooke Shields, and I was living outside of a tiny town miles away from a theater when the third “Mission: Impossible” movie came along, and so I just kinda said “welp okay, whatever”.

Years went by, and I was nursing a major resurgence of Star Trek love because of the 2009 movie. We were at the movies again, to see I don’t even remember what anymore, and you were at the concession stand while a trailer played for a movie that Nu-Scotty (that’s Simon Pegg to the normal people out there) happened to be in.

Oh. My. God.

I remember having the thought “Oh yeaaaaaah. Tom Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuse”. It was like a flip switched in my brain. I’ve been lost ever since.

What’s your favorite Tom Cruise movie (of the moment) – IF you can choose! And why?

What is your favorite strand of hair on your head? WHICH ONE????

~ ~ ~

Hope you enjoyed this insight into one half of the Buttered Popcorn duo! Stay tuned next week, when Infiniterider answers the same pressing questions!

Meanwhile, here’s Rosie’s favorite Tom Cruise picture of the moment:

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