Tom Cruise Day 2018!

Hey all! Happy Tom Cruise Day!! What have you guys done to celebrate Tom Cruise today? We have been thinking a lot about one of our favorite characters from one of our favorite movies! Who could it be, you ask? Well, there MIGHT be a little bit of a clue in the header pic from this post…

It’s time for some images of that glorious paragon of Rock Star-ness, Staceeeeeeeee!!!

It’s been over four years since the release of Rock of Ages, but it’s just as beautiful as ever! Haven’t seen this great flick? Fix that, STAT! You can get it below, either at Amazon:

Here’s a lovely pic to start:

You can’t trap a fire phoenix! God, DUH!

That time Stacee impregnated an entire audience…
Sugar me RIGHT NOW!
Cowboy. Or is it “boy cow”? OMG that article, you guys.

Hope you guys enjoyed that little picture party, and enjoy the rest of your Tom Cruise Day!! 😀

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