Tom Cruise Tuesday: First Impressions – Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Happy Tom Cruise Tuesday! It’s our favorite day of the week! The day we set aside time to celebrate our favorite person EVAR, Tom Cruise!

This week, we want to show our love for Tom by discussing our first impressions of Tom’s latest release: Mission:Impossible- Fallout!

You’ve seen the critics rave about Fallout for weeks, and what can we say? They’re not wrong! While we don’t agree that Fallout surpasses all the other Mission movies (in our humble true and correct opinion, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol still holds the title for THE BEST Mission movie of all time. Yeah, we said it), we still had a rollicking good time watching Chris McQuarrie put poor Ethan through his paces in another epic installment!

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, what are you waiting for????? Go out there and FIX that, stat!

Go on. We’ll wait.

It was great, right?? We told you so. Now clicky-click that link down below and check out our first impressions of M:I-6!

***Spoilers beyond this point!***

First Impressions

Here’s a few of our first impressions of the film, from the beginning, middle and the end!

Beginning: Why is Ethan in that dark room? Is he on the outs again? What’s happening? Ooooooooh, he got his message from a book, just like Mr. Phelps did sometimes in the TV show!

Middle: What are they doing to Ethaaaaaaaaaan why are they always trying to make his life hard???? Also wow, the bad guy’s motive is just like Hendricks’ motive in “Ghost Protocol”! Hmmmmm…

End: SEEE? SEEEEEEE??? You don’t fuck with Ethan, you stupid jerk! Think about it, he trapped you in a plastic cage WHYYYYYY would you think you could win against him!?!? Shoulda stayed your dumb ass in prison.

Favorite parts:

After the film, we talked about what we liked about the movie (and what we thought didn’t quite work). We’ll save that part for our official review, but in the meantime, here are our favorite parts!

Nevadafighter: When Walker comes and yanks out the oxygen from Ethan’s flight suit. It seemed to come out of nowhere, and showed complete immaturity on Walker’s part, but it was so surprising as to be kind of hilarious.

Infiniterider: Ethan’s vision of the White Widow’s plan. There’s something visceral and SO intense about Ethan’s face as he pulls the trigger and kills the police officer. It’s only in his imagination, but it’s terrible to see Ethan doing something that is so outside of his character, because he thinks he has to. (We’re so glad he came up with something else! XD)

Nevadafighter: Bathroom scene. Not just the fight scene, though, EVERY part of the bathroom scene. The fight was intense, well-paced, and with plenty of humor sprinkled in, the previews did not lie when they hinted that this would be one of the best scenes in the film. But they didn’t tell us about Walker being SUPER awkward and having NO idea how to be covert. “Doo-deee-dooooo, I’m not staring at youuuuuuu, oh shit he saw me KILL!!” (Guess that’s why he’s the hammer, and not the scalpel.) Ethan taking a running charge and busting through a plaster column? YUSS!!! Rowdy boys banging on the bathroom door, and laughing about the “tryst” happening in there, while Ethan makes “face-palm” face? CRYING!! Ilsa blowing somebody’s face off at just the right moment, then tilting Walker’s head back when the party-goers burst in, as if pretending he has a bloody nose will cover for the GIANT pool of blood on the floor? PRICELESS!! (Man, what an Ethan-like maneuver! We loved Ilsa more than ever in that moment.) Just… if any one scene was worth the price of admission? This is it, hands down!

Infinterider: The trick with Benji and Lane in the tunnels. I loved the turnabout trick played against Walker. I guess you got your answer, my friend. Yes, people do indeed “actually fall for that shit”.

Favorite Quotes:

– “I am the storm.” ~ Ethan
– “How did I do?” (Benji) “I never had any doubt.” (Ethan)
– “Can you still make a mask?” (Walker) “I need a FACE to make a mask!” (Ethan)
– “Hope is not a strategy!” (Walker to Ethan). “Oh, you must be new.” (Ilsa to Walker)
– “I’m working on it!” ~ Ethan
– “I’M JUMPING OUT A WINDOW!” (Ethan) “Oh, sorry! I had you on 2-D. Good luck, then!” (Benji)


Go see this movie! It may not reach the sublime Nirvana-level perfection of Ghost Protocol, but then again, let’s face it. Nothing will ever be able to do that. Fallout is LOADS of fun, and the action sequences are absolutely PHENOMENAL. It’s worth seeing on the big screen, so go on out there and see it, if you haven’t already! (Even if you have, go again!)

And in between viewings, why not check out the soundtrack? A movie can be made or broken by its soundtrack, and the music matches this film perfectly!

Thanks for joining us, and we look forward to seeing you again next time!

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