Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Creator’s Corner: NevadaFighter Origins

Hi there, and welcome to another Tom Cruise Tuesday!

Of course, we all know the truth: every day is Tom Cruise Day! But Tuesday is our special day to post a little something in honor of our favorite actor. This week, we’ve decided to reveal a little more about ourselves. Step inside the minds of your hosts, and find out a little more about what Tom Cruise means to us!

Our first “Creator’s Corner” features Rosalinda (nevadafighter)! Who is Rosalinda, you ask? Here’s a little bit of basic info about the usually!silent half of Buttered Popcorn!

Full Name: Rosalinda StMatthew (aka nevadafighter, aka Rosie)
Age: As old as her tongue, and a little older than her teeth
Role at Buttered Popcorn: Technical advisor/Technical suppor, Graphic designer, Tom Cruise review planning/editing, Non-Sequitur review planning/editing, Featurette planning/editing, Time management advisor
Hobbies: reading, writing, painting, drawing, hiding from cats

Read on as I (Michelle) ask the probing questions that will show how Rosie’s love of Tom Cruise began, and how it grew to epic proportions!

Pop that popcorn and read on!