Tom Cruise Tuesday: First Impressions – American Made

Happy Tom Cruise Tuesday!!!

Today, we’re going to show some love for Tom Cruise by discussing our first impressions of Tom’s latest release: American Made!

This won’t be an “official” review, we will be doing a full review after we have watched the film a few more times. But we want to share our initial thoughts with you.

Needless to say – we loved it! Audiences in most of the world have been raving about the movie for weeks, and we FINALLY got a chance to see it! OBVIOUSLY, we agree, the movie is amazing! It made us laugh, cry, and think deep thoughts, which is pretty fantastic. We can’t say much more without spoilers, so read on for more of our first impressions!

***Spoilers beyond this point!***

First Impressions

Here’s a few of our first impressions from the beginning, middle and the end!

Beginning: We were super excited to finally get to see the movie. Anticipation was intense, especially since so many people we knew (fans from other countries) had already seen the movie. The opening credits are GREAT – fun and clever, a great start!

Middle: This shit is intense! Funny, and with a little bit of a “slow burn”, but obviously revving up to something deep.

End: Tears. Tears and sadness, and omfg the government fucked him over SO BAD. :'( But his face is so damn beautiful, and the movie was so good, we knew we would have to come back.

Favorite parts:

After the movie, we asked ourselves – what were our favorite parts of the movie. Here’s what we came up with!

Infiniterider: That part where the police come while he’s in the room with Ochoa and Escobar. And the guys are like “Tranquilo, tranquilo, just stay here!” Barry’s little startled movements at the sound of guns, and his cat-like, frightened attempts to escape are SO funny!

Nevadafighter: Every. Single. Fucking. Closeup.

Nevadafighter & Infiniterider: Too much cash montage. Barry ends up with a unique problem, and we both love the scenes where he’s trying to figure out what to do with the money. His frustration in his video-tape is hilarious, too! “WHO woulda thought that would be a problem??”

Infiniterider: Barry talking to Luce at the end. It’s poignant and sad, but it’s a great scene, perfectly acted by Tom and Sarah.

Nevadafighter: “Do I have to go?” – The scene where Barry is sentenced to community service, and he’s frightened to leave the courthouse – priceless! More of those cat-like reflexes.

Infiniterider: Barry, in the final scenes, asking everyone politely to move out of the way while he starts the car.
It’s deep, because he’s obviously in fear for his life, but it’s also really funny and adorable at the same time. This movie is so confusing to our emotions!

Nevadafighter: He has cat-like reflexes in every way. He’s smart, he’s cunning, he’s flexible, everybody’s out to murder him and he’s gonna die. He has to sneak around, just like a cat!

Favorite Quotes:

– “No!  NO. MAS.” ~ Barry
– “Who the fuck is Schafer?” ~ Schafer
– “Holy shit!” ~ Barry
– “That sounds fucking made up, Barry.” ~ Lucy
– “You think them politicians could tell the Gipper what to do? HELL no!” ~ Barry


Go see this movie! It’s great, for all the reasons we stated above, and many more. And we suggest watching this in theaters, don’t wait for it to come out on DVD/BluRay. It may not seem like a drama (or a comedy/drama) would need to be seen on the big screen, but the flight sequences, and a few other things are really stunning! And people who remember the scandal discussed in the movie may find it fascinating to see the movie, especially if you knowing who some of the “side” characters are.

But even if you know nothing about the scandal, or the Cold War, or any of that, you will still be in for a fun, exciting and heart-wrenching movie. Go see it!

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