Mission: Impossible – Fallout – Preview

Happy Tom Cruise Tuesday! It’s our favorite day of the week, the day we set aside some time to celebrate Tom Cruise!

This week, we’d like to talk about the preview for M:I-Fallout – what we loved and why we’re excited for this movie to come out! We did something similar with American Made when the trailer came out, and it was lots of fun. Here’s a little bit of loveliness to get us started.

Your Mission…
There’s something chilling, yet SO COOL about Lane’s voiceover in the trailer. Ethan has been through a lot with the department, and it doesn’t look like he’s about to catch a break now. But we’re fascinated by Lane’s questioning – what about the mission you don’t take? Have you ever NOT heeded the call? What does it mean?? We can’t wait to find out!


Please don’t make me go through you.
We are in LOVE with the clip where Ethan realizes that he’s going to have to go through Ilsa to do what he has to do. And of course, we’re reminded of the moment where he faced this choice in Rogue Nation. That time, he allowed himself to be hurt to protect her, but this time? It looks like no more Mr. Nice Guy! Desperate times call for desperate measures, and we cannot WAIT to see what the times and the measures actually are!

Maybe we need to reconsider that.
We are IN IT for this scene! Absolutely beautiful!

Favorite Quotes!
Needless to say, this is one of our favorite quotes from the trailer:

Luther: Ethan, that’s not who we are!
Ethan: Maybe we need to reconsider that.

We also love the quote from Henry Cavill’s character. We’d love to know what part he plays in this, but it looks like he may be a valuable ally! But we admit it. One of the main reasons we love this quote is because we were JUST talking about this very thing in our Mission: Impossible Poster feature. Yes, we know. We’re amazing!

How many times has Hunt’s government betrayed him? Disavowed him? Cast him aside? How long before a man like that has had enough?

Favorite Image!
Kind of tough to choose, considering all the AMAZING images in this trailer. But, aside from the heart-stopping images of Ethan falling from great heights, this has got to be our favorite in the whole trailer:

What? We have a thing for Ethan looking deadly, what can we say??

We hope you guys have marked your calendar for July 27th! We certainly have, and we can’t wait to see what the 6th installment has in store for us. See you again next week!

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