Tom Cruise Birthday Extravaganzaaaaa 2020: Part 1

Hey guys! We know that 2020 has been a challenging time for everyone, for reasons we don’t even need to mention here. But we hope that you are doing well, and we KNOW you’re ready for some delicious Tom Cruise Content once again!

It’s our favorite time of year!! The Tom Cruise Birthday Extravaganza! Time to celebrate the best actor alive in our own traditional way – with 58 pictures – one for each of his 58 years. We’ll be doing things a little different this year – posting our pictures here first, then over at our Twitter page. Feel free to follow us there for weekly pics, and updates about our site.

Now how about we get comfy, melt some butter, pop some popcorn and prepare to feast your eyes on the sweetest, most talented guy there is! Happy Birthday, Tom!!

Here’s a beauty to start us off:

Who could possibly resist that smile?

Family is what you make of it!
Reacher helps out whenever he’s needed.
LOOK at himmmmm!!!!
Don’t screw with Reacher!
Behind the scenes goodies!
You want me to do what now?
You don’t want to start something you can’t finish when it comes to this guy.
You shoulda seen the other guy…
Somebody’s about to be in a lot of trouble.

We hope you have enjoyed the first ten pics of our Tom Cruise Birthday Extravaganzaaaaa! We will be back with another birthday post in just a little bit!

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