Tom Cruise Tuesday! – Fave Co-Stars: Jeremy Renner

It’s time for another Tom Cruise Tuesday!! It’s our favorite time of the week, time to celebrate our favorite star!

This week, we’d like to talk about another one of our favorite actors who has worked with Tom Cruise: Jeremy Renner! This talented fellow has joined Tom Cruise in our favorite Mission movie, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, and the amazing sequel, Rogue Nation! He has also acted in other awesome action movies like The Bourne Legacy and The Avengers. Of course, he has also played in some compelling dramas in a film career that has spanned over two decades (!!), including the award-winning Hurt Locker, and the eerie and disturbing Dahmer.

We love Jeremy Renner, and we hope that he can work with Tom again soon! Unfortunately, he couldn’t be part of Mission: Impossible 6, but we know that Agent Brandt is working his magic behind the scenes to keep our guys safe in the field!

Tom and Jeremy have a great chemistry on screen and off, and we love seeing them work together! Here are some pics of this fun-loving duo!

Brandt and Hunt on the hunt! (Ok, we made a pun, we must hide in shame now…)

Suited and booted in Dubai.
Promoting our favorite Mission movie!
Having loads of fun at the red carpet!

Thanks for joining us for another Tom Cruise Tuesday, and see you next week!

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